Jerkmate is an online platform with adult content. It is a website that lets you masturbate with a stranger.

This website is not totally for free but many consumers are willing to pay for a private sex show with their chosen cam model. With the private session, they have an option if they want cam 2 cam.

In addition, some of the cam models in Jerkmate are famous pornstars. That is a plus because that will draw a lot of subscribers to Jerkmate.

Therefore, consumers have the urge to رکورد Jerkmate live sex because they want to keep it for later viewing. Or record it to share with friends.

بنابراین، اگر شما از کسانی هستید که می خواهید record Jerkmate live sex you are on the right page. Below I have a solution for your problem.

Record Jerkmate Live Sex With A Screen Recorder

ضبط کننده صفحه Aiseessoft is a software that lets you screen record live sex videos on any site.

This screen recorder has a feature that lets you set a برنامه ضبط. For instance, your favorite cam model goes live by 10 pm and you’re not available at that time, you can schedule this recorder to start the recording by 10 pm.

علاوه بر این ، شما می توانید تبدیل the recorded Jerkmate live sex video to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and a lot more. Therefore, you can choose the format suitable for your device.

If you are done recording you can also enhance the recording by using the convert and enhance recording feature. This will enhance the quality of the recorded video.

So, to cut it short here is the guide on how to use this screen recorder.

اول، download the software on your PC or Mac by clicking the button below.

دوم، when you run the software on your computer you will see three modules. Just click Video Recorder, to record live stream sex videos on Jerkmate.

ضبط کننده صفحه را تنظیم کنید تا نمایش Chaturbate Stream Show را ضبط کند

سوم، پس از کلیک کردن Video Recorder, you have a choice to record full screen or personalize your recording area.

If you want to record yourself, you can turn روی وب کم option, or If you want to record your audio turn روی میکروفون. This is perfect if you want to record your cam 2 cam session with the cam model on Jerkmate.

ضبط کننده صفحه برای دانلود پورن

چهارم, go to the Jerkmate website then press REC if you are ready to record the Jerkmate live sex. When you are done recording press the توقف دکمه در قسمت پایین صفحه ضبط.

در نهایت، you can see your recorded live sex video on the Recorded History.

Recording live sex has never been easy until I know this screen recorder. And added with its features for a superb recording experience.

Bonus: If you want to download recoded Jerkmate lixe sex videos

Jerkmate is a live streaming platform. However, they also have recorded videos that can be found on their "فیلم های" tab. These videos are available to download via video downloader. Here I have a video downloader that you can use if you want to save the recorded Jerkmate videos.

iTubeGo is a downloader and converter in one. This software can download any porn videos for free from any porn site.

علاوه بر این، این دارای یک پوشه خصوصی feature that is password-protected to let you keep your downloaded adult content.

Moreover, this software offers a انواع فرمت ها that is suitable on any device and also offers high-resolution download.

So, here is a simple guide on how to use iTubeGo to download Jerkmate recorded videos.

1 گام. Download and Install iTubeGo on your computer. Then launch the program.

گام 2. Open the software choose the "برخط" tab on the side and you can search for the porn site using the built-in browser of this software.

گام 3. Choose the video you want to download then click the دکمه دانلود تعبیه شده در سمت پایین صفحه نمایش

گام 4. شما می توانید فیلم های پورنو دانلود شده خود را در “دانلود شده” زبانه در کنار.

There you go 4 easy steps to download porn videos from any website.


Live videos are the mainstream of today’s generation. Just how Jerkmate is famous for porn consumers who want extra excitement. Websites like Jerkmate allows subscribers to interact with their chosen cam model.

To record the fun, they need to use a screen recorder like Aiseessoft. This is perfect if they want to record every bit of their interaction with the cam model. This recorder offers many great features like On Cam, On Mic, Video Enhancer, and many more. You are free to use the Aiseessoft Screen Recorder based on your liking.

پرسش های متداول

Can I pause the recording for the boring part?

Yes, you can. With the Aiseessoft Screen Recorder, you can pause the recording whenever you like. You can also resume the recording if you feel like recording the action again.

How many output formats does this recorder have?

This screen recorder has more than 10+ formats. If you are done screen recording you can convert the recording to any format like AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, and more.